It’s another 21st and MC Spinosky decides this month that instead of dropping another ‘whack’ music, he better drop another sneak peek of his Audio-Comedy CD that will be out in stores on Fool’s Day (April 1). After dotting the net with downloads for ‘ABIDE W’T ME’, YOUV BIN USED’ and ‘IF YOU TAX ME’, he has dished out a part of the long awaited audio-comedy CD for public enjoyment. In Spinosky In-Sanity Vol. 1, he spends one full hour analyzing ‘farting’ to anyone who gives a mess at-all. Hence, the amusingly confusing title: MESS & ITS BENEFITs!

Watch out next month (21st) though for another comic music banger (Flavour Cover). But, for now, follow @mcspinosky , tweet this ‘sneak peek’, and please don’t forget to Download this insight on How Mess saved lives and how to use ‘Mess’ to escape armed robbery, and also to show love!



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