And #RightAboutNow, I present to you –  Daniel Esuh, a South-South Nigerian Music Producer who was brought up in a family of Entertainers and who also started his music at a very tender age, but now so grown up and a veteran in the game popularly known as DannyP. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s give this Gentleman, a very warm round of applause, as he takes the centre stage to perform his International and Legendary Song entitled “Pokello”…Arkshwally, the keyword is “Crazy”.

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The song’s title is Pokello? DannyP sings about a Woman again>>>

Male musicians of nowadays love to sing about their female counterparts in their songs and find it very easy to make their song’s primary theme to be about a woman. That actually is not a bad concept, but the problem actually comes when such artistes perform below expectations on such songs or even over do it. PokelloByDannyP which “Crazy” is actually the keyword can be easily classified as one of such songs even with a mere looking at the song’s title. Good enough, he gives birth to a song so hard to decipher its intention and purpose. One would give credits to the lyrical content of the song as it exposed critical facts about whoever the gentleman was singing about in a stylish and thought provoking manner.

Fair enough, He called Pokello – QUEEN OF SWAGGER. He also called Her – BEAUTIFUL SINNER as well>>>

On his Verse 1, he uses similes and metaphors to vividly describe the qualities of the woman he is singing about. He goes ahead to find out a crazy and yet suitable name to call this queen of swagger in the section of the song one would call a Hook. The result of his quest pops up in the Chorus where he finds himself screaming out loud the name Pokello. And to show off his girl picking up side of his life, he drops some enticing pick up lines to his Pokello on the Second Verse and on the Third Verse, he goes extra mile to confess how this Pokello affects his life.

And the Instrumental was so New Age…It even sounded like P Square’s PERSONALLY>>>

Even yet more credits would go to the techno like afro beat that accompanies his vocals. Using hi-end samples and drum kits, he creates a catchy and mind blowing soundtrack that makes one to easily visualize what the video to this song would be like. The sequencing of the song itself, as well as the mixing and mastering, speaks professionalism. One would find it easy to nod his/her head along to it or even try out any popular and current dance step to it.

#PokelloByDanny is a Song, a Job, and a Project well done by DannyP. It’s Legendary >>>

On a very good day, any lover of a good Pop, Techno, Afro Pop and Dance-hall music would give this song 5 Stars out of 5. No wonder it was Trending for three straight days on Twitter. But to be on the safe side, it is advisable that anyone who truly loves the music artiste and would want to get something like or even better than this from him in the near future fix his/her ratings between 3.5 and 4.5 Stars out of 5.

All right, the wait is over. Check out the single and let me know what you think!




Does this release show promise for his career?

Does he disappoint you and make you wish he did something better?

Or do you think he has what it takes to go International?

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