It’s with heart filled with much joy for coming this far – all the way from January to November; that I took some time out from my busy schedule to pen down this resourceful article for all the Upcoming and Fast-rising Music Artistes from the south, precisely AKSidi.

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I must let you all know that you guys rocked so well this year in the Nigerian Music Industry…majority of Nigerians are now looking up to you guys for good and hot music. I travel a lot around the country and I must tell you that most of your songs have reached all the places I have been to.

The likes of Tha Suspect, Mish, Adasa, Otyno, Ikpa Udo, Darlene, Anijamz, Unkle Eddy, Illest (iLL Rhymes), Oga Sir, Zillions, Danny P and others are now household names in Naija. Did I mention that you guys also have much respect from Ghana as well? Oh, thanks to the likes of L J (saviour of rap), Leki, O’giveR (person ex-boyfriend) and the rest.

If you are a music artiste from this part of the world, right about now, you are wondering why your name was not on that reference list. Yes, I couldn’t refer to you because of just two possible reasons:

  1. I may have forgotten about your song/you.
  2. You don’t have a single hit song yet.

Now if it’s the first reason, why did I forget you? Maybe it’s still because of the second reason. If you had a hit song, it would be very hard to forget it and you as well.

Hit 1

So, what then is a Hit Song? In simple terms, it is a song that everyone loves to listen, sing and dance to…a song every Club and Radio Deejays appreciates and puts it on repeat…a song anyone would go extra miles to get it after listening to it for the first time…a song that will make Music Fans, Record Labels, Brands and the rest to run after you…a song that can make you win International Awards and Laurels.

Take a look at that list again and you’ll discover that those artistes I wrote down all have a hit song. Funny enough, you know and love their songs but you may not know them by their stage names. OMG!!!…Sa’Shay Gaan, Sagas, Mya KPsimfoni, I almost forgot them…they are also acts to reckon with from the south as well.

How then can you make a Hit Song? Although there are many ways that one can use to make that happen, I am here to tell you just one simple and effective way that is really working so well these days for a lot of music artistes today. Guess what??? Make your music with Good Producers.

You might be a good song writer plus you deliver so well plus your performance on stage is mind blowing but, if the final product – your song, is not up to a standard, you’ll never get a hit song. People don’t listen to songs that are not recorded, mixed and mastered properly. Once their ears and brain detect that the song is not good for consumption, your song and your career is done for.

Nowadays, music lovers are after songs with a nice beat, professional mixing and mastering. Majority don’t even care about how your lyrics again. You’ll find out that most Hit songs these days are poor when it’s comes to the lyrics aspect…some of them comes in languages we don’t understand (Sarkodie, Olamide, PSY aka Gangnam Style) but love them so well. Good music can only be made when you work with the right Producer. Check out what Sarkodie recently said about this very point:

Fuck with Dope Producers

This is where I want to stop for today as I am about to go out on my first date this year…Lol. But before I leave, I would love to recommend good music producers I know of here in AKSidi…Producers who have made couple of hit songs. Due to the fact that am not always steady in town, I know only few of them and I have tested and I also have every reason to call them good.

Otyno (Beat of d’South)

Connect with him on Twitter >>> Follow @Otyno

I know him very well for beats and I still love recommending him to anyone in need of a good beat maker. Be it Afro-Beat, Hip-Hop, and Dance-hall beats. If you are lucky enough, you will also get a bonus from him – a mind blowing vocal backup to your song. But, I still doubt his recording and mastering skills though. He is the best in town and even the whole South when it comes to beat.

Danny P (Mr P)

Connect with him on Twitter >>> Follow @DannyPKME

He is one of the first Producers I knew when I came back from Lasgidi two years ago. Very good in making beats as well, especially RnB, Pop and Classical Music but he is excellent when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering. He is a veteran in Mix | Master and he has a lot of credits for that. For that final touch up your song deserves so as to be a Hit music, go for Mr P (Perfect sound).

Dubble Dee

Connect with him on Twitter >>> Follow @dubbledizzle

I have heard so much about him plus I have heard a lot of his works. He makes groovy beats and he records, mixes and master perfectly. The studio he works in (Just Jojo) is one of the best in town in terms of Digital Equipments and Hardwares. So expect to spend a lot of money in return of a Hit that will give you back the money in 10 times more.

Bad Bishop

I am yet to meet this Bad guy in person…but good enough, I’ve met a couple of his works and most of them blow my mind. He made the popular Akwa Ibom Ayaya song for Mish and many other hits. I heard he works in another Pro Studio in town called Lakush. You better go check him out.

Tha Suspect

Connect with him on Twitter >>> Follow @daSuspekt

He needs no introduction. If you don’t know him by now, then it means you are not current at all. All I need to let you know about him is that he a proud AKSidi born and Lagos based Producer that is very good and ready to work with any serious soul. He is also a legendary Hit maker. Dream and work towards working with him if you want to make it big.

Those are the five I will recommend for now considering that the time for my first date is finally now. Thank me later for the little secret and recommendations I just gave you. But mind you, it does not end at just making a Hit Music…you may need to go extra mile to promote your music very well so as to make it a Hit. In my next article, we’ll discuss about how to you can promote any good music you have made till it becomes a hit.


Head of Operations - Nsico Michaels
Head of Operations – Nsico Michaels

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