Happy New Month AKSidites…it is very surprising how time flies within a twinkle of an eye lately. Few minutes ago it was actually January ( 😀 ) when we welcomed you to a new year with the very first hit song we got for you all – This Year; and now we are already 6 months gone with another 6 more to go.

But as it should always be, we have to catch up with the pace and continue updating you with the latest music industry developments from our home front…that’s why we decided to let you know about the top ten songs that has been receiving a lot of hits right from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015.

The top ten hit songs’ chart contains 10 songs by 8 different artistes. It’s only 2 music acts (DannyP & Sa’Shay) that claimed 2 spots on the chart while the remaining 6 all had one spot each. On a sad note, only 2 (YeTee & Mya K) of the 8 artistes were Female with none of them making it to the top three at the moment. I think we need more presence from the female acts at this very point.

Also worthy of note is the fact that 4 of the 10 songs made a re-entry as they were all released in 2014. The oldest of these 4 songs (“Iyo”) was released April 2014 while the latest of the comeback 4 (“Prayers”) was released November 2014. 2 of the comeback 4 hit songs (“Iyo” & “Prayers”) was performed by one of the only 2 artistes (Sa’Shay) with 2 spots on the chart.

The #1 song (“Lots.Of.Love”) is the latest of all the songs on the charts (15 weeks old) and currently 8 weeks old on the chart and has spent 5 weeks on the top three and another 3 weeks as the #1. 5 of the 10 songs have all had their own turns as #1s on the chart this year while all of the other 5 song have made it to the top three. The oldest song on the chart (“Mama Thank You”) has been on it for about  24 weeks now.

Here is how the Chart looks like:


#Top10 Chart
#Top10 Week 27 2015


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