Hello AKSidites, it’s another lovely Friday and it’s the 28th Week in 2015. Before you hit the Clubs later tonight to chill out, check out our #Top10 Chart for this week coz you are most likely going to hear most of this songs currently making waves on AKSidiMP3.
In summary, 2 songs (Carry & Yak Aba) replaced 2 other songs (This Year & AKS Sweet Home) on the chart this week with one of them making a debut on the chart and the other making a return for a spot on the chart for the 11th week this year.

The chart’s #1 still remains to be L.O.L and this is it’s 4th consecutive week on top of the chart. 2 more songs (Mama Thank You & On Ur Marks) maintained their positions while 2 other songs (#NaWeBeDemBoys & Iyo) dropped 2 spots from their former positions.

This is how the Table looks like:

Position Song’s Title Artiste Production Credits Number of Weeks on Chart this year More Details Link
1 L.O.L (Lots Of Love) DannyP DannyP 9 More Details Here
2 See Their Head Ikpa Udo Skelly Beats 13 More Details Here
3 Ole YeTee Sa’Shay, DannyP 15 More Details Here
4 #NaWeBeDemBoys Leki DannyP 18 More Details Here
5 Mama Thank You Mya K ID Cabasa 26 More Details Here
6 On Ur Marks Otyno Otyno 19 More Details Here
7 Prayers Sa’Shay Sa’Shay 24 More Details Here
8 Yak Aba Nsico Michaels Sa’Shay, DannyP 11 More Details Here
9 Iyo Sa’Shay Sa’Shay 5 More Details Here
10 Carry L J Otyno, O’giveR 1 More Details Here

Did any of your favorite songs make it on the chart this week? Drop your comments below!!!

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