It’s a special Friday which also turns out to be a Public Holiday and we are very sure that a lot of you will be hitting your favorite spots and club later today. Before then, let’s briefly show you the #Top10 Songs from this part of the globe which are on AKSidiMP3.
Listen to the #Top10 Chart Playlist for Week 29 below and check out more details after the cut.

It might interest you to know that after about 4 weeks, we now have a new #1 on top of the Chart this week. Sadly, there’s a song off the chart and we also have 1 song (Chi Chum Chin) that made re-entry to claim the #9 spot.

Meanwhile the 2  songs (Carry & Yak Aba) that made entry on the chart last week are doing very fine. Carry moved up 2 spots while Yak Aba moved 3 spots up the chart. Mama Thank You made a re-entry into the #Top3 at #3 alongside the former #1 (L.O.L) at #2 and the new #1

The chart’s #1 still has been on the chart for the past 14 weeks and has also been #1 for 2 weeks in a row before twice. We present to you the #1 for this week – See Their Head

This is how the Table looks like:

Position Song’s Title Artiste Production Credits Number of Weeks on Chart this year More Details Link
1 See Their Head Ikpa Udo Skelly Beats 14 More Details Here
2 L.O.L (Lots Of Love) DannyP DannyP 10 More Details Here
3 Mama Thank You Mya K ID Cabasa 27 More Details Here
4 Ole YeTee Sa’Shay, DannyP 16 More Details Here
5 Yak Aba Nsico Michaels Sa’Shay, DannyP 12 More Details Here
6 #NaWeBeDemBoys Leki DannyP 19 More Details Here
7 Prayers Sa’Shay Sa’Shay 25 More Details Here
8 Carry L J Otyno, O’giveR 2 More Details Here
9 Chi Chum Chin Johnny Kage 5 More Details Here
10 Iyo Sa’Shay Sa’Shay 6 More Details Here


Did any of your favorite songs make it on the chart this week? Drop your comments below!!!

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