Hey guys,

Unlike Nsico Michaels, the founder of this epic website that promotes mostly music artistes from A.K.Sidi; who can write very long sentences and press releases without getting tired, I am Ediomo YungWatson, a guy of few sentences and I’m here to go straight to the point,,, I finally got myself full Administration Privileges here at AKSidiMP3 on the same day that our dear country turned 55 years old. For the past 20 days, I’ve been learning some pretty cool stuff about website management from the boss himself and I’m now very ready for the big task at hand.

If you have observed, this platform has not been really serving the purpose it was created for any longer. Nsico has got himself totally into Artiste Management, Making lots and lots of cash for Music Artistes via selling of songs on Online Stores etc…and has totally forgotten about bringing the newest songs from our local artistes to us like he used to do about 2-3 years ago. I was here last year if you can recall but I didn’t have full admin powers like I just gotten. My mission here is to help get this platform back on track and I pledge that I’ll not let you guys down. I’ll make you all proud of me.

Starting from now henceforth, Project #BringBackAKSidiMP3 is a go. Please if you are a music artiste from or based in AKSidi (Akwa-Cross) and you have any piece of good music (audio & video) you want to get on this platform, I can help you do that. Just send it to me right away either by attaching the music to the mail or a download link to it plus write something cool about yourself too if I don’t know about you yet. Contact me via Twitter @EdiomoWatson or via my personal Email – yungwatson@gmail.com

For the big Fans of AKSidiMP3 like me, if you would love to recommend any Akwa-Cross Music you’ll also love to download from here or probably have any good suggestion or comments that you want to drop, please I’ll really appreciate if you can do that via the Comment Box below. Thank you for checking on my very first longest article ever. Join the discussion of this topic on Social using #BringBackAKSidiMP3.

Your Music Nerd,


Ediomo YungWatson
Ediomo YungWatson