For most of you who may not have known, today is the birthday of the self-acclaimed “King of Ibibio Rap” – Ikpa Udo. I am very sure that you are a big fan of his music, so go ahead and Drop your best wishes for him here!!!

I was just reading Ladi Priti’s latest OSSS’ Article some moments ago on which she mentioned how the birthday boy transformed from the MaliQ I knew to the Ikpa Udo he is today. Yeah, they say that “change is constant” but I will love to say that “Ikpa Udo is constant” too… I mean that he’s not ready to retire from doing music. He’s one of the few artistes I normally use as an example of “consistent artistes”. Time without number, he has been dishing out new hot singles for our enjoyment. I appreciate and respect him for that and sure you are too.

We here at AKSidiMP3 Dot Com are very happy to know that you have lived to see this wonderful day of your life. We wish you a very merry birthday. We also wish you a long life and more success in your music career. We look forward to getting more good tunes from you in the future. God Bless You.

For #TeamAKSidiMP3