Ibid Adamm turns out to be the very first song to be featured on the new AKSidiMP3 #OldSongStillSweet Series hosted by me.

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The song was released in mid-2012 by the then trending Music Artistes of HitFak3, Uyo. It was produced by Penz and performed by Pattina, AK-Smuth, IllRhymes, Lybra, Pope Don X and MaliQ who laced the simple and dope hook that made it go viral for days.

It was the very first time I realized how smart the fast rising music artistes were then; they came together to do a whole new unique piece of music despite the difference in their personal style of music. It was also the first time a Music Producer from AKSidi released a song performed by other artistes.

Fast forward to the present time, a lot of changes can be easily spotted. Only very few of the artistes on this song are still consistent or even still in the music game. Some of them also transformed; Ill Rhymes turned to iLLest while MaliQ grew to become Ikpa Udo.


Brought to you by @LadiPriti