Merry Xmas AKSidites. We got something very special for you today. Trust me, you are definitely going to love this; it might end up being your favorite for 2015. It’s the one of the hottest singles from Combo Sounds titled Combo Carol.

Download after the cut…

Combo Sounds is the very first Producer group to ever come out from Uyo, AKSidi. The group houses Chrome Sounds (who plays the role of making sick and dope beats) and Innovative Sounds (who gives the final mix and mastering touch for all the hit songs they make).

The duo came through about a year ago and has already bagged production credits for their solid works for the likes of Weli (Inner), Philz (Touch) and Jesica (Inie). Most definitely, they are now very ready to take their game to the next level…

No wonder this new sound of theirs that they call Combo Carol which is an Afro-Classic fusion. Yes, it’s what an afro version of Felis Navidad should sound like. It’s just a product of creativity and talent and it’s the perfect sweet song for the merry minds this season. Enjoy!!!


Your Music Nerd,

Combo Carol Album Art

[DOWNLOAD MUSIC] Combo Sounds – Combo Carol