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Orange Carnival 2012

Orange Carnival 2012

Orange Carnival 2012
Orange Carnival 2012

Preparations are in top gear for the 3rd edition of Orange Carnival. So get ready to roll out the drums to celebrate uncommon transformation of  our dear state as Akwa Ibom State turns 25. The annual Orange Carnival is an initiative of S.O.S and has received maximum support from Akwa Ibom State Youths for Cultural Development, Talents & Ethical Orientation, and Abstract Works Nigeria Limited. The 2012 edition of Orange Carnival will feature 25 maidens, 25 carnival bands, and Music & Nollywood stars amongst other special features.


(1)   Orange Collection Costumes by Garneti– A special anniversary clothing collection by Garneti Exhibit- A world class brand of fashion accessories and exclusive costume design outfit, with base in Akwa Ibom.
(2)   Orange Caricature- caricaturization of  popular figures, past leaders of the state since creation, and top Nigerian celebrities that hail from Akwa Ibom.
(3)   Orange Campaign-Free Oranges will be shared to participants and viewers, of course for the need of Citrus and Vitamin C in Oranges during the carnival float is very important.
(4)   Orange Paintings-The story of Akwa Ibom will be depicted in paintings by new world discoveries Uwana Ubeng & Kelly Oure.
(5)   Orange Music- Production of Akwa Ibom Silver Jubilee Album with 25 indigenous hit songs.


Orange Carnival costumes are to be in Orange, that’s the significance and uniqueness of the Carnival. Orange Collection is a special anniversary clothing collection by Garneti. Many have started booking for their costumes online and at the Garneti Exhibit Showroom in Uyo. If you are interested in Orange Carnival, or you have registered with a band, Call 2348024720300 for your Orange Collection Costumes by Garneti.

Will you like to join/own a band for Orange Carnival???
If interested, you may sign up with a Carnival Band with which you admire
(SEE LIST OF 25 CARNIVAL BANDS or call 2348098209849).

*Carnival Mask by Garneti
*Water, Snacks & Soft Drink
*E-101/Acada Magazine
*Tickets to After Party


Starting Point– Carnival Train kicks off at Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Udo Udoma Avenue, where the float will walk with the carnival bands through Nsikak Eduok, IBB way, then through Aka Road to Plaza.
Carnival Float-The parade will last 5 hours. After the parade, there will be performances by 25 of Nigeria’s fines musicians at 2nd Baze. Entry into 2nd Baze is free, whilst entrance into the VIP section is strictly by invitation.
Transportation-The organizing committee is providing free transportation from different parts of Akwa Ibom State to our center of Excellence and Unity, Ibom Plaza. Low Bed truck will be available for transportation during the carnival float.
Security & Traffic Control-Security Escort and Road Safety Corps are guaranteed through all the parade routes.
Ambulance– An ambulance will join the carnival entourage for First Aid in case of health emergencies.
Finally, a Camera is considered a fundamental requirement to capture the fun forever.If you are in Uyo, just watch out for the fun at different spots which will surely blow your mind.
Visit OrangeCarnival2012 for more information and pictures.

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