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Etighi Anthem(Studio Leak) MrRoar & T-Jay & OgaSir & L-J

Etighi Anthem(Studio Leak) MrRoar & T-Jay & OgaSir & L-J

Etighi Anthem (Studio Leak)
Etighi Anthem (Studio Leak)

We all by now know the Popular Dance Steps known as Etighi. And we all by now know MrRoar, T-Jay, Oga Sir and L-J (If you don’t know anyone of them, please use our Search Engine to find out about them). These AKSidi Super Stars and Geniuses go down on a Collaboration_that will soon be a Popular Street Anthem_in order to promote the Etighi Culture of AKSidi.

MrRoar (the genius, bad-ass creator of the sickest next gen beat) goes in first on Verse 1. He shows his prowess in delivering an on-point Rap lines using AKSidi’s local dialect_ Efik-Ibibio. T-Jay comes in hard on Verse 2, after the simple and straight forward chorus. He murders the beat like never before. The 3rd verse is my favorite, delivered by Our Artist For The Month_ Oga Sir. He made me proud like never before. The 4th verse features L-J who buried the already murdered beat.

This is a studio leak and I bet you that we got this first from one of our sources. It won’t stay for so long on our site so as to pave way for the original track. So if you want to start gearing up before the real deal drops, you better download this fast and start telling others that you got it first. Watch out for this Song. I repeat, watch out for this song. Play, Download, Share and also Drop your Comments.

DOWNLOAD Etighi Anthem (Studio Leak)

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