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Female Artiste of the Year

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29 thoughts on “Female Artiste of the Year

  1. Miz Gold on Zome Records deserves this title as her debut album Man Zomi has great music on it and she is the only female Dancehall Artiste representing Nigeria her home country and Ghana, big up to ya Miz Gold 🙂

  2. Big up miz Gold love the work. Your my artist of the year and your gonna be my artist for next year and the year after and the next year after and the year after that .

  3. Have listen to like 2 or 3 of her songs TINKA TINKA ft SHURGAR BOY an MAN ZOMI to mi she’s really trying as 4 mi if she’s not winning den nobody suld fart

  4. Mai female Artiste of the year 2013/2014 i vote miz GOLD she really mak Calaba Carnival mor fun she’s the HOTTEST.

  5. Miz GOLD is really doing well in Nigeria music industry hav listen to some of her songs TINKA TINKA ft SHURGER BOY. MaN ZOMI as 4 mi she’s the HOTTEST and the BEST among all.

  6. Adasa got all it takes to be the best, she deserve the award coz she sing with passion,and her song titled fire on the mountain is something good to be accorded with the award. Thanks and God bless #

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